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Why was Coverstories designed?

Visionary brands deserve a beautiful and compelling way to get their stories in the media. Coverstories offers the digital equivalent of an advertorial or branded special in a printed newspaper or magazine. Our goal is to rid the world of ugly advertorials and confusing native ads, by standing out instead of blending in.

How does it work?

Essentially, advertorials created in Coverstories consist of a teasing ad (the cover) and a branded article page which opens in a new tab. You can display the cover in apps and websites of your choice with the help of your DSP (demand side platform) or SSP (supply side platform). The call to action in the article page takes readers to an online destination of your choice.

Who can use Coverstories?

Our service is built to be used by creative agencies and media companies who want to offer advertisers something special, as well as advertisers who do their own digital media buying.

Do you produce content too?

No. We're here to help brands who produce their own content (or their agencies) reach more people with their stories.

Why choose Coverstories over older native advertising solutions?

Native advertising is a messy space where brands have lost influence over the way their stories are presented. You often have to face questionable content appearing alongside your message. We aim to infuse native advertising with beauty and accountability, with a 'brand-first' approach.

I have a different question. How can I get in touch?

We're keen to hear from you. Please send your question to

Reports & analytics
How can Coverstories help to reach our campaign goals?

Coverstories get significantly higher open rates than ordinary display ads in similar ad slots. Readers dive into your story, take in your message and are guided gently to your call to action. Here you can get conversions depending on your campaign goal: drive downloads, get subscriptions and followers, invite people to a shopping page or make them sign up for an event. It's a meaningful and effective way to make a first impression and warm up new customers.

What kind of tracking, analytics and reporting do you offer?

We measure views, open rate, visits, time spent, interactions and engagement per Coverstory and display this in your dashboard. You can also check and download in-depth reports, which tell you in which titles your advertorials performed best. Our Deep Engament Score summarizes you how much readers appreciate your content and allows you to compare the results of different stories.

Can I try Coverstories for free?

Yes. When we approved your account you can try all the features of editor for free. You only pay when you decide to run your advertorials at scale with the help of your DSP or SSP. Get in touch to learn more about our trial package with includes a number of free impressions.

Do you prices include VAT?

No. All prices exclude VAT / BTW.

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