Quick start guide

Let us help you create, publish and promote your first Coverstory. Here are our best practices to get you started.

Step 1

Write a seductive headline

The headline is your promise to the reader. Keep it simple, use the active tense and if you can, limit the length to six words

To invent a great headline, it helps to consider questions like: What's new? What's in it for the reader? What can a reader learn by opening your Coverstory?

Step 2

Select a powerful cover picture

The cover is your first impression. Make sure it’s ’thumbstopping’ with the right image.

Use an hi-res image with no text on it, ideally with something visually striking in the middle. Avoid stock photography, very light backgrounds, and groups of people. Individual portraits generally work well.

Step 3

Create a story with your content

You can make your story as long as you like by adding blocks of text, images, quote and embedded video or podcasts episodes.

Every reader likes to have a visual break now and then. That's why recommend creating a rhythm between text and other elements and splitting up your story in paragraphs of around 70 words.

Step 4

Pick a call to action

The call to action at the bottom sends your reader to a webpage of your choice.

The main question is: where do you want readers to go next? Simply put in a link and add the button text, a description of your offer, and an attractive headline.

Step 5.

Ready. Check. Live!

Publish your story after checking the preview. You can now download the corresponding ad tags for web and app.

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Pro tip

Perfect your branding

Use either your brand name or your own logo on the cover, which ever looks best.

If you want your logo on covers, go to brand settings (click on your brand name in the bottom left corner of your dashboard) and upload a svg or png file with your logo in white.

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